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HR Helpline

The HR Helpline provides direct access to an employment lawyer of Clarkslegal for paying members of Employmentbuddy.

The HR Helpline is for ad hoc queries, which can be dealt with via telephone or in a brief email.

Why use our HR Helpline?

  • Quick response times
  • Practical, helpful guidance 
  • It’s a service you can trust
  • We can help you apply the law to your situation
  • For reassurance – you think you know the answer, but want to check with a reliable source
  • Instant referral, when the need arises, to an HR Professional from Forbury People

How much does it cost?

  • You will automatically receive 60 free minutes of advice and assistances when you join.  So, why not join buddy?
  • You can buy additional time at preferential rates, in quantities that suit you. 
  • You can use this time when the need arises, and can top up at anytime.
  • If you overun on time purchased, you will be invoiced at the normal rate for any extra time used.
Telephone/email advice
Normal rate
Preferential rate
1 hour
2 hours
3 hours

All prices exclude VAT and disbursements.

You must use this time within 6 months of purchase.  So, use it, or lose it!

What is not covered by the HR Helpline?

  • Strategic advice on complex legal matters or ongoing legal advice (i.e. a redundancy programme)
  • Detailed written advice or review of documents or other materials.
  • Substantial customisation of any material downloaded from HR Resources
  • Conduct of Tribunal claims, including preparation of documents and representation

However, Contact us to discuss a separate fee arrangement for this work.  Generally, we are able either to provide a fixed quote, or give you an estimate of likely fees.

We reserve the right to refuse giving HR Helpline advice in the event of actual or potential conflict with Clarkslegal LLP`s existing clients or commercial interests.  A refund will be offered in such circumstances.