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Falling through the Gap: BBC posts some surprising pay data

20 July 2017 #Discrimination

The BBC came under fire yesterday after publishing data on their biggest earners. The broadcaster has released a list of their “talent” within the organisation earning over £150,000 per year. Of the 96 who appear on the list two thirds are men. Of the highest earners, 25 men on the list receive more than £250,000 a year whilst just nine women receive over this amount.

What is particularly stark is the discrepancy between individuals performing largely similar roles. For example within the BBC sports presenting team there was a great amount of discrepancy. Gary Lineker took home £1.8m last year,  Alan Shearer pocketed £500,000 however Claire Balding lagged behind only picking up £199,000. There was also discrepancy between the One Show Presenters with Matt Baker taking home £50,000 more than his co-star Alex Jones.

The BBC hasn’t yet published it Gender Pay Reporting Data which it is required to do by April next year. Following an interview with BBC Director General on the Today Show we can expect to see this towards the end of the year.

Following the release of these figures the BBC has not only faced criticism from the external press but also from within the organisation itself. On social media the organisation has faced a backlash from viewers with even their own staff tweeting “#notonthelist” and “#GenderPayGap”. It is the perfect example of how the forthcoming Gender Pay Reporting has the potential to affect not only a company’s public profile but also the morale of its employees.

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