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Poem: Christmas Parties

06 December 2017 #Other


It’s that festive time again
The Christmas party’s here
Fun and laughter for everyone
A great end to the year!

But some employers live in fear
Of what may be pending
Some employees regretfully wish
They’d voted ‘not attending’

So with help from the case law
We’re giving you our pitch
To make your Christmas party
Go off without a hitch

During preparations
Ensure all risks are assessed
There’s no trip to A & E
On anyone’s Christmas list

It’s rarely appropriate to swear
Or kiss the office Santa
Don’t embark on offensive ‘jokes’
Or inappropriate ‘banter’

It’s not a time for drunken fights
So put away that fist
Remembering to mind your Ps and Qs
Keeps you off the naughty list

Employers, be warned
It’s not just employees to blame
Vicarious liability means
You can face a legal claim

So ensure you take reasonable steps
To prevent such things occurring
A reminder email and clear policy
Can stop the lines from blurring

And those drinking should remember
The day after’s not too pleasant 
Feigning ill health for a hangover 
Could get you a disciplinary present!

So don’t make Christmas parties
The ghost of Christmas past
Remain professional and respectful
           And you’re sure to have a blast!             


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