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Review launches into ‘modern employment practices’

09 December 2016 #Other

The news is awash with stories of how companies treat their staff, whether it’s delivery drivers working as self-employed contractors, university lecturers on zero hours contracts, or temporary staff subject to timed toilet breaks. In October we wrote about the growth of the so-called “gig economy” – just one area that’s enjoyed significant growth in recent years but which has brought with it concerns about declining labour standards in the UK.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has now announced further details of the Government review into the UK’s labour market practices. In October, PM Theresa May asked Matthew Taylor (Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts) to analyse whether regulatory change is needed to keep up with modern employment practices. This week it was announced that the Taylor review will consider the implications of these new forms of work on worker rights and responsibilities, as well as on employer freedoms and obligations.

A panel of three experts will support Mr Taylor, who will spend the next few months travelling around the country speaking with employers and workers. The review is scheduled to take 6 months, at the end of which the panel will make recommendations on how to achieve a labour market and wider economy that “works for everyone”. Alongside the Taylor review, the Government has also announced a project to assess the scale of the gig economy and to look at what motivates people to take “gig” work.

With this review following hot on the heels of the recent Uber judgment, this is a debate that shows no sign of dying down. If you want to talk about employment status, or if you have concerns about your workforce, get in touch with Clarkslegal’s employment team.

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