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Contract of employment

THIS AGREEMENT is made the day of

Sustainable workplace HR policy

The Company accepts that its activities have a direct and indirect impact on the environment and we recognise the need to manage and develop our business in a sustainable manner;

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Deed of Undertaking as to Confidentiality


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Death in service benefits factsheet

Introduction Many occupational pension schemes include death in service benefits. The benefits are typically paid to the spouse/civil partner and/or dependants of the deceased employee if the employee dies before receiving

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Drafting a bonus scheme checklist

A carefully drafted contractual bonus scheme will usually contain:A condition that the employee remain in employment, not under notice of termination (given or received) on a stipulated qualification or payment

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Directors duties factsheet

The Companies Act 2006 (the Act) introduced new provisions on directors` duties, which came into force on 1 October 2007.   The Act includes a statutory statement of directors` duties, which

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Points to consider when varying T and C of employment checklist

Are the changes “contractual” or merely guidance notes i.e. policies and procedures. Only contractual terms require the employee’s consent to a change

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Employee handbook

The purpose of the Employee Handbook (“the handbook”) is to provide you with useful information about working for [company name] (“the Company”).

Contract variation letter (less than 20 employees)

I confirm that as of [date] the Company proposes that the following change[s] to your contract of employment will take effect:

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Time off for training HR policy

Purpose and scope This Policy is designed to advise employees of their statutory right to request time away from their normal duties to participate in study or training and to ensure

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