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Redundancy retention policy

Company statement
[Name of Company] ("the Company") will operate this retention policy in a reasonable, fair and consistent manner and without direct or indirect discrimination against any employee.
Outline objective and operation policy
The Company may have to make redundancies from time to time. In such circumstances, the Company may wish to encourage certain key staff ("[Critical Keepers]") to remain in its employment beyond the usual date of redundancy until such time as their services are no longer required. The Company will select such [Critical Keepers] at its absolute discretion.
The "Retention Period" will run from the date the [Critical Keeper]`s employment would otherwise have been terminated by reason of redundancy, until his or her services are no longer required by the Company. [Critical Keepers] will be notified of the start date of their Retention Period individually.
Notice of termination of the [Critical Keeper]`s employment by reason of redundancy will be given in accordance with the notice provisions of the [Critical Keeper]`s contract of employment.

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