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Warnings for poor performance checklist

1.  Before you can issue a warning you must have held a formal meeting with the employee to address your concerns regarding their performance.  

2.  Was the employee advised of their statutory right to be accompanied to this meeting by either a colleague or a representative of a trade union? 
3.  Are the details of this meeting and the names of those present confirmed in your warning letter?   

4.  Does the warning letter confirm the standards that you expect to be achieved and the improvement which is required, as discussed at the meeting?  

5.  Has any explanation given by the employee been noted, and ways of addressing this identified? 

6.  Have you set out an action plan confirming all the measures agreed to at the meeting to help the employee achieve the required standards i.e. coaching, training, additional resources or other support?   

Last updated on 31/12/2018 12:47:55 | #Poor Performance