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Disciplining and dismissing employees factsheet

In a claim for unfair dismissal the employer must show the reason for dismissal and that the reason fell within one of the categories of potentially fair reasons, such as

Invitation to attend a grievance meeting

I am writing to advise you that you are required to attend a meeting at [place] on [date] with [name] to discuss your grievance(s) which I understand to be:

Disciplinary dismissal policy

The purpose of a disciplinary procedure is to ensure the safe and effective operation of the business and to promote fair treatment of individual employees.

Handling a grievance checklist

Remember that the Grievance Procedure applies to employees only. If you do want to use the Grievance Procedure for non-employees make sure that you specify that the Grievance Procedure does

Letter confirming outcome of grievance

Further to the grievance meeting that took place on [date], I write to confirm our discussions, the evidence that was produced as a result of my investigation(s) and my decision

Conducting a grievance investigation checklist

Read the grievance procedure.Identify all of the complaints constituting the grievance and clarify with the employee if necessary. Carry out a thorough investigation - check the facts, gather any

Grievance procedures factsheet

Employers and employees are advised to follow the guidance set out in the ACAS Code of Practice on Discipline and Grievance in respect of any problem, concern or complaint raised

Grievance policy

The purpose of a grievance procedure is to enable employees to raise a work-related problem, concern or complaint and to have the matter dealt with as quickly and fairly as

Conducting a disciplinary investigation checklist

1.  Read the disciplinary procedure. 2.  Is the allegation made about the employee a potential breach of company rules?

The statutory right to be accompanied factsheet

Under the Employment Relations Act 1999 a worker is entitled to be accompanied at certain disciplinary and grievance hearings.

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