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Appearance and attire policy - the dress code

The Company aims to project a professional image to its clients, prospective customers and potential employees and seeks to balance this objective with the need for employees to feel comfortable

Equal pay policy

The purpose of this Equal Pay Policy is to ensure that all employees and job applicants are treated equally and to support the Company’s objective of ensuring that it provides

Equal opportunities policy

Purpose and scope The purpose of this Equal Opportunities Policy is to communicate our commitment to equality of opportunity in employment, with the aims of ensuring that all employees and

Anti harassment policy

Purpose and scope The purpose of this Anti-harassment Policy is to ensure that all our staff, [clientele][suppliers][and visitors] behave with dignity and respect towards one another and to support the

Disability policy

1. Introduction 1.1 The company is committed to the provision of equal opportunities for all. This Disability Policy sets out its commitment to both potential and actual employees with a

Anti harassment policy guidance notes

Legal framework Harassment at work can be a separate form of discrimination prohibited by the Equality Act 2010 where it is related to any of the following "protected characteristics": age,

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