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Confirmation of outcome of harassment complaint

CONFIRMATION OF OUTCOME OF HARASSMENT COMPLAINT Dear [ ]COMPLAINTI wish to confirm our meeting on [ ] to discuss the outcome of my investigation into your complaint of harassment/discrimination

Equal opportunities at work checklist

1.  Does each job have a job specification prepared prior to recruitment, which is consistent with the requirements of the job?2. Are there any potentially discriminatory criteria, i.e. position full time; limits

Bullying and harassment factsheet

Bullying and harassment in the workplace leads to a hostile and unpleasant working environment. It affects the performance of employees and can cause demoralisation, stress, increased absenteeism, high turnover and

Handling a complaint of harassment checklist

1.  Have you taken the complaint seriously and treated it sensitively and tactfully?  Do not dismiss complaints because you think they are trivial (it may be the last straw) or because

Invitation to appeal meeting regarding outcome of harassment complaint

INVITATION TO APPEAL MEETING REGARDING OUTCOME OF HARASSMENT COMPLAINT Dear [ ] COMPLAINT I acknowledge receipt of your appeal against [ ]'s findings regarding your

Anti harassment policy

Purpose and scope The purpose of this Anti-harassment Policy is to ensure that all our staff, [clientele][suppliers][and visitors] behave with dignity and respect towards one another and to support the

Age discrimination factsheet

“Age” is one of nine characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010 (EqA) and covers discrimination based on all ages, young and old.

Confirmation of outcome of appeal against findings of harassment complaint

CONFIRMATION OF OUTCOME OF APPEAL AGAINST FINDINGS OF HARASSMENT COMPLAINT Dear [ ]COMPLAINTI wish to confirm our meeting on [ ] to discuss your appeal against [ ]'s

Disability policy

1. Introduction 1.1 The company is committed to the provision of equal opportunities for all. This Disability Policy sets out its commitment to both potential and actual employees with a

Equal pay audit checklist

1. If you are a large organisation, conducting an audit voluntarily, have you considered the scope of your audit? Do you want to carry out a full equal pay audit (all

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