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Main changes to the Employment Tribunal Rules

This document gives an overview of the main changes on the Employment Tribunal rules to take place from the 29th July 2013. Including ET1 and ET3, time limits and deposit

Prior to case management discussion checklist

In good time before the CMD, you should send to the Tribunal and the Claimant/s a proposed agenda for the CMD, setting out your proposed submissions on the issues which

Tips for advocates

Prepare as thoroughly as possible.Make sure your witnesses are prepared.Dress conservatively.Be polite - to the panel, witnesses and the other side.Address the Employment Judge as Sir or Madam.Do not try to be

Award of costs factsheet

Unlike civil courts proceedings, there is no general rule in employment proceedings that the successful party has the right to recover their legal costs. Tribunals, in fact, have no inherent power

Tips for witnesses

Make sure that you are happy with your witness statement. Remember that you will give this evidence on oath - if you are not satisfied that it is the truth or

Receiving a claim

The Employment Tribunal will notify you in writing if someone has presented a claim against you. It will send you:  • Claim form (ET1) with any grounds of complaint provided by the

Settlement of claims checklist

Will the claim be settled via an ACAS conciliation officer or a compromise agreement? ACAS may help if a claim has already been brought in an employment tribunal.If a compromise

After the response

The Response has been lodged- what happens next? You need to:  • Know; are you likely to win this case?• Consider;  whether settlement is an option• Prepare your case for a full hearing. Once the

Preliminary hearings

Pre-hearing review  A pre-hearing review will deal with any initial issues between the parties, after proceedings have been issued. The pre-hearing review is likely to concern jurisdictional issues to determine whether


Relevant documents and preparing list of documents The documents you present to the Employment Tribunal are important, as they will explain your defence to the claims against you.  Usually the Tribunal

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