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Witness statements

Generally, after all documents have been disclosed and before the full hearing, both parties will be required to prepare and exchange witness statements.  (This is the case in England and

Schedule of loss

In most cases the Claimant will want compensation, rather than reinstatement or re-engagement.  It is likely that there will be competing arguments regarding what losses the Claimant is entitled to

Witness guidance

This fact sheet provides guidance for witnesses giving evidence and looks at Employment Tribunal practice and procedure in England and Wales, and Scotland. The guidance applies to both jurisdictions unless otherwise

The proceedings

The Employment Tribunal panel will be made up of an Employment Judge and two "wing" members.The Employment Judge is legally qualified. One wing member will come from an employer-biased


Purpose If a Claimant is successful, a Tribunal will make an award for damages that is appropriate to the type of claim and all the circumstances of the case.Unfair dismissal awards

Time limits factsheet

Claims brought in the employment tribunal must be brought within a specified time limit (set out below), which is calculated by excluding the date of the event.

Employment tribunal litigation

If an employee (the Claimant) wishes to bring an Employment Tribunal claim against their employer (the Respondent), the first step they must take (for almost every type of claim) is

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