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Shared Parental Leave Checklist

Is the employee requesting SPL entitled to Statutory Maternity Leave or Statutory Adoption Leave or entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Adoption Pay or Maternity Allowance?

Family Friendly Rights - An Overview

This note is intended to give an overview of the key ‘family friendly’ rights available to employees. There are more detailed factsheets and documents available for each of the

Letter requesting further information from an employee who has made a request to take Shared Parental Leave

I am in receipt of your letter dated [date] in which you have requested to take Shared Parental Leave. Unfortunately, I am not able to progress your request at this

Parental leave policy

It is recognised that parents (male and female) may want to take time off from their work to spend time with their children. This policy provides a fair and consistent

Maternity policy

The purpose of this policy is to confirm and communicate the Company’s maternity arrangements and application procedures to enable employees to prepare for their absence and make decisions about their

Adoption leave and pay checklist

Check that the employee qualifies for adoption leave. He/She must be the child’s adopter and have notified the agency that they want the child to be placed with them.

Letter to be sent to employee who has applied for shared parental leave but is not eligible

I am in receipt of your letter dated [date] in which you have requested to take Shared Parental Leave. Unfortunately, you are not eligible to take that leave because:[An employee

Shared Parental Leave Factsheet

Shared Parental Leave (“SPL”) is a type of leave which, in effect, allows eligible parents to share maternity/ adoption leave between them.

Parental Leave Factsheet

Eligibility Parental leave is available to any employee with one year’s continuous service who has, or expects to have, parental responsibility for a child. They must be taking the

Breastfeeding in workplace checklist

1.  Have you considered generally whether working conditions would present a risk to the health of any new or expectant mothers or an unborn child? 2.  Is the work environment clean and safe

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