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Recruitment Checklist

Checklist: Recruitment and selection

Employment status - the tests checklist

The following factors indicate that an individual may either be employed or self-employed.

On engagement checklist

Do you have all the information you need about the worker, including full name, home address and telephone number, and emergency contact details?

Preparing a written statement checklist

Have you stated your business name and address (registered address if a company) and the employee`s name and address?

References checklist

Ideally, you should obtain references from current and past employers unless the applicant has not previously been employed, in which case a personal reference should be sought.

Volunteers status checklist

The following should be considered in order to minimise the risk of the relationship between a volunteer and an organisation being deemed to be one of employment.

Employing people with criminal records checklist

It is recommended that your review this checklist in conjunction with the Factsheet on Employing People with Criminal Records.

Agency Workers Day 1 entitlements checklist

From day one of an assignment, under the Agency Worker Regulations 2010 (the Regulations), Temps have certain entitlements based on rights that are available to comparable employees or workers employed

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