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When does TUPE Apply?

This note applies to transfers occurring on or after 31 January 2014 (when changes were made to the TUPE Regulations). If you are dealing with a transfer which occurred

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Transferee Post TUPE Checklist

This checklist is a useful summary of the main issues Transferees need to consider following a TUPE transfer.

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Transferee Conducting a Pre-Transfer Redundancy Consultation Process

In the TUPE context, transferees may collectively consult with the transferring workforce prior to the transfer date, provided certain conditions are met, see TUPE Information & Consultation

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Transferor Conducting the TUPE Information and Consultation Process

Transferors are obliged under the TUPE Regulations to provide certain information to, and in some circumstances consult with, appropriate representatives of any employees who might be affected by the TUPE

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Due diligence questionnaire (TUPE)


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TUPE Information and Consultation Checklist - No Reps

Suggested procedure for TUPE information and consultation process where there is no trade union or pre-existing employee representatives.

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