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Unfair Dismissal factsheet

The main legislation which deals with unfair dismissal is contained within the Employment Rights Act 1996.

Calculation of bonuses on termination checklist

A court will consider all the terms of the bonus scheme and the surrounding circumstances.

Confidential Pre-termination Negotiations and Settlement Agreements

Within the workplace, there are occasions where it may be beneficial to both an employer and an employee to agree the terms for a dismissal by way of a settlement

Leavers exit questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help the Company monitor and identify trends in employment; and identify any improvements which can be made to aid the retention of employees.  

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ACAS Early Conciliation Factsheet

ACAS early conciliation became mandatory from 6 May 2014.

Letter to current employee under notice

Letter to current employee under notice

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Financial settlement checklist

When contemplating whether to negotiate a settlement with a departing employee, you should consider the following...

Processing a resignation checklist

On receipt of a resignation, check the employee`s contract to determine the length of notice required, the existence of any restrictive covenants and the contractual rights of both parties during

Letter to ex employee re post termination obligations

Letter to ex employee re post termination obligations

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Directors and senior executives negotiating an exit factsheet

Increasingly, organisations are recognising that their most valuable assets are their employees. Productivity, reputation and competitive edge can all be affected by the way a workforce is treated, and by

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