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E-Book: Dispelling the Myth of Financial Jargon

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Do you find that financial words,terms and phrases send your mind into a spin? If you answered ‘yes’ you are not alone,so why not demystify the jargon forever? Just a few words maybe stopping you or your business being as successful as possible.

This booklet has been written to make the complex understandable. It removes the mystique of those mysterious words and frightening expressions so often used by financial colleagues and accountants. There is now no excuse to remain confused –is there?

All downloadable so you can take action right now! So what is stopping you?

About the Author

Peter Johnson has worked in the private, public, not for profit and corporate sectors and now runs his own consultancy. He has also lectured at Post Graduate and Masters Degree level. His wealth of experience is underpinned by achievements in a career that has spanned accountancy, HR, operations, project management, sales and general management.

Peter specialises in developing people, teams and organisations to exceed their previous best and achieve at the highest level. Over a varied career, he has created a considerable portfolio of pragmatic business tools. His client portfolio ranges from small business to large global brand names. He has gained a reputation for understanding client’s needs and delivering high quality, forward-thinking, workable solutions to maximise their performance.

His experience in helping individuals and organisations is drawn from extensive ongoing research, education and down to earth practical delivery. He is an alumnus of two top international business schools and has a range of other qualifications to support his experience.

This is one of the publications in a series he is writing to allow people to dispel the myths that surround many aspects of management, leadership, personal development and business.