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ACAS guidance published on supporting trans employees in the workplace

01 September 2017 #Discrimination

Following a summer filled with Pride events up and down the country, ACAS has also shown its support for the LGBT+ Community through the release of their new research paper, ‘Supporting trans employees in the workplace’.

The report examines how gender identity is currently managed in UK workplaces and how trans employees can be further supported in their places of work. The 74 page report reviews research, literature and guidance obtained from interviews with a variety of trans and LGBT+ advocacy groups and organisations.

The paper covers legal and policy issues that arise when employing trans and intersex workers, along with case studies and details of what ‘good’ employers do. Challenges, barriers and suggestions for change have also been included within the report.

Examples of steps that can be taken include introducing policies specifically considering the needs of trans employees, such as workplace transition policies and gender neutral dress codes. Raising awareness and educating workforces on trans and intersex issues was seen as one essential way to promote better inclusion.

The practical advice for employers provided by ACAS is a step forward in the right direction in helping promote inclusion for the LGBT+ community and it is hopeful that employers are proactive in taking such advice on board to promote equality for trans and intersex individuals.


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