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Another “Spoke in the Wheel” of the Gig Economy? Tribunal finds bike courier to be worker

13 Jan 2017
Following in the tracks of the recent “Uber” case, in Dewhurst v Citysprint UK Ltd a cycle courier has been found to be a worker and not self- employed as...

Plot twist: dismissal for showing 18-rated film to 15-16 year olds was disability discrimination

12 Jan 2017
The case of City of York Council v Grosset concerned a teacher who had cystic fibrosis. The Claimant complained to the head teacher that his workload was unmanageable but no...

Agency Workers and Right to Work Checks

11 Jan 2017
The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 places all UK employers under a statutory duty to prevent illegal working in the UK. Consequently, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure...

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