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TalkTalk fined by ICO for subcontractor’s abuse of personal data

18 Aug 2017
Following complaints from customers of scammers calling with personal details such as account numbers, TalkTalk’s investigators found that 3 employees at their subcontractor, Wipro, had used TalkTalk’s portal to gain...

Would following in Norway’s footsteps help address the UK’s gender pay gap?

18 Aug 2017
In Norway, details of individuals’ net income, net assets and amount of tax paid are all accessible to the general public. An individual may simply use their national ID number...

Passport to Supreme Court for Pimlico Plumbers

18 Aug 2017
Last week in Gascoigne v Addison Lee an Employment Tribunal decided that a cycle courier was a worker and not self-employed. Following the pattern emerging from other similar cases, the...

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