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Parental leave policy

It is recognised that parents (male and female) may want to take time off from their work to spend time with their children. This policy provides a fair and consistent

Stress policy

This policy confirms the steps that the Company is taking to prevent work related stressors from occurring and provides details of the support available to employees who are suffering, or

Whistleblowers policy

The Employment Rights Act 1996 protects workers from being dismissed or otherwise penalised by their employer for reporting malpractices or wrongdoing within the workplace.

Data protection policy

Purpose and scope This Policy gives detailed guidance on how the Company will process information about you, as its employee, and explains your rights to access the information we hold about

Career break policy

Policy statement The Company understands the importance of retaining keys skills and talent in the workplace and appreciates the advantages of a career break scheme which provides employees with an option

Capability policy

Purpose and ScopeThe overall aim of the capability policy is to assist employees who have difficulty achieving the required standards of job performance. The key objective is to encourage and

Redundancy retention policy

Redundancy retention policy

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Anti corruption and bribery policy

Purpose and scope The purpose of this policy is to outline the Company's position on preventing and prohibiting bribery, in accordance with the Bribery Act 2010 ("the Act"). It

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Sustainable workplace HR policy

The Company accepts that its activities have a direct and indirect impact on the environment and we recognise the need to manage and develop our business in a sustainable manner;

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Disciplinary dismissal policy

The purpose of a disciplinary procedure is to ensure the safe and effective operation of the business and to promote fair treatment of individual employees.

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