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Roses are red, Violets are blue, Workplace Romance, What should employers do?

13 February 2020 #Other

Love is in the air

And maybe the workplace too

But fear not employers

Here’s what you need to do…


Get yourself a policy

Setting out where you stand

Providing guidance on the rules

So that employees understand


Ask to be told about relationships  

To prevent issues later

Have stricter rules for managers

Where the risk of conflict’s greater


If relocation is an option

Expressly reserve the right

But exercise with caution

To avoid a legal fight!


Make clear that leaking info

Or trying to spread the ‘goss’  

Could breach confidentiality

And won’t sit well with the boss!


Policies are not enough

Make sure they’re followed through

The key to effective management

Is to put on some training to


And if relationships turn sour

Remember to be fair

Investigate grievances

In line with your duty of care


Stay mindful of discrimination

Ensure consistency is applied

Treat matters sensitively and fairly 

And you’ll come out the other side! 

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