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The verdict is in: Uber Drivers ARE workers!

28 October 2016 #Atypical & Flexible Working

Back in August we blogged on claims brought by two Uber drivers that they were ‘workers’ and not self-employed and thus entitled to benefits workers receive such as rest breaks, national minimum wage, holiday pay and sick pay.

Today the tribunal has handed down its judgment and has decided that they are workers and are not self-employed as Uber had claimed.    

This could pave the way for countless claims from the tens of thousands of Uber drivers in the UK including claims for underpaid wages and holiday pay.  As we reported back in August, it could also impact other companies operating in a similar fashion, for example, the likes of Deliveroo.   

This could be a busy few months for the Tribunals!  Further, it could mark the beginning of the end for Uber as it seems inevitable that it will need to increase its costs to the consumer to balance out its obligations towards workers, which undermines one of its key selling points!  However, we can’t apply the brakes on this one just yet, as given the potential consequences for Uber, an appeal seems likely…


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