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E-book: Be a job magnet

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E-book: Be a job magnet - 7 secrets that guarantee you an "unfair advantage" in the current job market

E-book: Be a job magnetIf you want to:

  • Be appropriately paid and rewarded
  • Market yourself as a high performer – with greater clarity
  • Connect with the top 10% in your industry
  • Discover your true talent and maximise you potential

Then this book is for you!

About the author

Adrian Evans is a consultant with Forbury People, Clarkslegal’s wholly-owned subsidiary HR consultancy. Adrian is a headhunter, passionate speaker and results achieving coach. In conjunction with being an author, he is the founder of ‘Be a job magnet’ - a coaching and career development academy committed to transforming professionals’ confidence and results.

Using the methods outlined in this book, Adrian recently secured a candidate a 48% increase in salary package within the current challenging job market.

For further insight into Adrian’s work, please visit www.beajobmagnet.co.uk.