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We are in the process of updating our guidance to reflect the GDPR and updated documents will be available shortly.

Request for access to personal data form

You should complete this form if you wish to request access to any personal data which the Company holds about you under the Company’s Data Protection Policy and the

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Preparation Checklist

Checklist to assist businesses in preparing for their obligations now.

Data protection policy

We need to collect and use certain types of information about individuals (such as [employees and clients]) in order to operate our business and fulfil our legal obligations.

Data Protection - An Overview

Data Protection legislation aims to protect and safeguard individual’s personal data.

Social media policy

Purpose and scope This Policy on the use of social media is in addition to the Company`s existing Policy on internet and email use.   This Policy covers the use of social

Retention of records

Set and follow standard retention times for categories of information held on the records of employees, workers and former workers.

Confidentiality statement

CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENTMONITORING POLICY  I agree, save if required by law to do so, not to disclose to anyone (whether inside or outside of the Company), other than to the person within

Data Controllers and Data Processors

The Data Protection Act 2018 (“DPA”) applies to Data Controllers and Data Processors.

Surveillance impact assessment

EMPLOYEE MONITORING PART A: IMPACT ASSESSMENT Employee                                                                        ConsiderationsSuspected criminal activity or equivalent malpractice

Internet and email policy

This Policy covers the use of electronic communications systems and equipment, including Internet and email systems, by employees for both business and private purposes and the monitoring by the

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