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Recruitment Checklist

Checklist: Recruitment and selection

Study - training course agreement

STUDY/TRAINING COURSE AGREEMENT Dear [name of employee] [STUDY/TRAINING COURSE] AGREEMENT I am writing to confirm the agreement that we have reached with regard to you attending the [name of study/training course].

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Deed of Undertaking as to Confidentiality


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Religious observance factsheet

Protection from discrimination Discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief was first introduced under the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003.  These regulations were repealed and replaced on 1

Disciplining & dismissing for poor performance checklist

1.  Have you got evidence of the required standards of performance and of where the employee has failed to meet these standards?  2.  Has the employee had the standards explained to them at

Redundancy retention policy

Redundancy retention policy

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Flexible working request application form

If you wish to make a request to the Company to alter your working arrangement please complete this form and return it to [your Manager]. This information will be used

Maintenance letter

Confirmation of Sponsor Certifying Maintenance

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Employee personal details form

Employee personal details

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