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Death in service benefits factsheet

Introduction Many occupational pension schemes include death in service benefits. The benefits are typically paid to the spouse/civil partner and/or dependants of the deceased employee if the employee dies before receiving

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Drafting a bonus scheme checklist

A carefully drafted contractual bonus scheme will usually contain:A condition that the employee remain in employment, not under notice of termination (given or received) on a stipulated qualification or payment

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Whistleblowers factsheet

Workers are legally protected from being dismissed or subjected to any other detriment for disclosing malpractice or wrongdoing in the workplace (commonly known as ‘whistleblowing’).

Maintaining Adequate HR Systems Checklist

If UKVI visit your organisation as part of assessing your sponsor licence application, they will give a score of “met” or “not met” for your HR systems i.e. whether you

Parental leave policy

It is recognised that parents (male and female) may want to take time off from their work to spend time with their children. This policy provides a fair and consistent

Data Protection - An Overview

Data Protection legislation aims to protect and safeguard individual’s personal data.

Maternity policy

The purpose of this policy is to confirm and communicate the Company’s maternity arrangements and application procedures to enable employees to prepare for their absence and make decisions about their

TUPE - 2014 changes

Changes to the 2006 TUPE Regulations apply to all TUPE transfers occurring on 31 January 2014 onwards with the exception of the change to Employee Liability Information which will only

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Letter acknowledging flexible working request

Following receipt of your [application][letter of appeal], I would like to invite you to attend a meeting to discuss your request for flexible working on [date/time] at [location] with [person].

Job description template

Job description template