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Whistleblowers entitlement to protection checklist

To obtain protection the whistle blower must comply with the following: 1.  He/she must be a worker 2.  The whistleblower must reasonably believe that one or more of the following malpractices have happened, are

Whistleblowers factsheet

Workers are legally protected from being dismissed or subjected to any other detriment for disclosing malpractice or wrongdoing in the workplace (commonly known as ‘whistleblowing’).

Parental leave policy

It is recognised that parents (male and female) may want to take time off from their work to spend time with their children. This policy provides a fair and consistent

Stress at work factsheet

The Health and Safety Executive defines stress as the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them. 

Stress policy

This policy confirms the steps that the Company is taking to prevent work related stressors from occurring and provides details of the support available to employees who are suffering, or

Return from long term absence checklist

Return from long term absence checklist

Confidential Pre-termination Negotiations and Settlement Agreements

Within the workplace, there are occasions where it may be beneficial to both an employer and an employee to agree the terms for a dismissal by way of a settlement

Calculation of bonuses on termination checklist

A court will consider all the terms of the bonus scheme and the surrounding circumstances.

Study - training course agreement

STUDY/TRAINING COURSE AGREEMENT Dear [name of employee] [STUDY/TRAINING COURSE] AGREEMENT I am writing to confirm the agreement that we have reached with regard to you attending the [name of study/training course].

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Does TUPE Apply?

This checklist is a useful summary of the steps involved in determining whether or not TUPE applies to a particular transaction.

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