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Return from long term absence checklist

Return from long term absence checklist

Return from short term absence checklist

Do not assume that you do not need to do anything when an employee returns from short-term absence.

Absence counselling checklist

Absence counselling checklist

Considerations for redeployment checklist

Identify the reason for redeployment

Dealing with capability through ill health checklist

You should investigate any medical reasons for an employee`s absence before deciding that he is not capable of continuing in his job.

The Do's and the Dont's of Back to Work Chats

Ask how the employee is feeling and the reason for the absence

Reasonable adjustments checklist

Request the employee`s consent to obtain a medical report from their GP or physician

Appointing a medical expert checklist

Obtain the employee`s written consent for the medical examination and for the release of his medical records to the doctor and/or the company.

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