Love at work is such a tricky affair

Published on: 13/02/2023


Love at work is such a tricky affair,

It can bring much joy but you must take legal care.

Policies to abide by, management training, rules to follow,

To avoid conflicts that could cause great sorrow.

For HR it can be a headache to bear,

It is important to remember to be fair.

The starting point is a healthy culture of communication,

If workers cannot approach HR with concerns of love temptations,

A breeding ground is created for harassment and toxicities,

Meaning workers cannot work to the best of their abilities.

Conflicts of interest need to be treated with caution,

Consider if relocation or different management lines are an option,

If not, it may harm your work environment and reputation,

And bring legal consequences with a bitter sensation.

So handle love at work with care and skill,

And ensure that all parties’ rights are fulfilled.

But, perhaps, most importantly…

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