Urgent update to the Tier 2 policy guidance – 1 August 2019

Published on: 01/08/2019


The Home Office has issued a further urgent Addendum to the Tier 2 policy guidance today. This follows their earlier addendum of 17 July 2019 to the Tier 2 &5 Sponsor Guidance. This addendum provides urgent corrections to the minimum salary thresholds to some SOC codes.

The addendum states:

The Tier 2 salary rates listed in Appendix J of the Immigration Rules were amended through Immigration Rules changes in March 2019 to reflect the latest available occupational salary data (‘appropriate rates’) for each occupation. Due to an issue with the source data used, a number of Standard Occupation Classification (SOC) codes have incorrect salary levels. To ensure that no individual migrant or sponsor is impacted adversely, the salary levels for the occupations listed below should be applied for applications for Tier 2 Certificates of Sponsorship assigned on or after 30 March 2019.

The Affected SOC codes are:

Sponsors should note that the above-minimum salary rates only apply if they are higher than the Tier 2 minimum salary thresholds set out in the Immigration Rules.

We expect the Immigration Rules to be updated imminently with the correct payscales.



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